Philanthropy lunch offers food for thought

Giving back is one of the key pillars of Amaroo Club, and was the central theme of the Philanthropy Lunch held at the stunning event space in PWCs Southbank headquarters.

As well as a great opportunity for all our members and guests to come together and connect, the lunch shed a light on Anthony and Andrew’s philanthropy journey and their passion to inspire others to give back – a driving force behind establishing Amaroo Club.

We also heard powerful stories from many of the partners Andrew and Anthony have supported and worked with both individually and through their Amaroo Foundation, which aims to make a meaningful difference to the education and lives of children around the globe.

Thank you to our wonderful speakers who included:
Liz Henderson from Schools Plus
Rona Glynn McDonald from Common Ground
Steffi Chang from Plan International
Rosie Thomas from Project Rockit

Thank you also to the PWC team for enabling us to hold this special lunch in such a vibrant and engaging space.

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