Our Story

To be part of Amaroo Club is to be part of something special. Something that’s authentic. That’s been created from a shared life’s journey with all its many twists and turns.


What is amaroo club?

A place to connect. A place to give back. A beautiful place.

Our life's journey began at
Amaroo Court.

Hurtling down our driveway, side hitched as brothers on our skateboards, we remember the exhilaration as we flew down Amaroo Court…travelling only at top speed as you did when you were a kid. Unaware of the risks. Having maximum fun!

Playing footy matches with teams constructed from the boys and girls from all of the houses, turning the only grassed paddock into a first class BMX track for racing, 3 on 3 basketball games, test cricket over the entire weekend, chalking a tennis court on the bitumen to play our best of 5 sets, chipping golf balls across one nature strip to the next trying to emulate the pros to stop the ball on a dime. Playing ‘Rocco’ and watching all the kids scatter into the backyards, hiding, to make the final rush to the square for safety.

The days as kids seemed endless fun at Amaroo Court – a community. A beautiful place.

The third bedroom of our family home became the beginning of a magical and meaningful journey in business and in life. Our growth was personal and collective. We were a true family business; inclusive, collaborative, together – always aiming to live our values of professional, ethical, grateful and respectful. Our family community grew with us, and like a rolling snowball, we expanded – sharing, learning, failing, succeeding – always willing to endure, dream, as we did when we were kids starting out on our journey at Amaroo.

Together with Tim, we created Amaroo Club to capture this exhilaration and life’s journey as we transition through all stages; embracing the successes, failings and learnings. It’s a safe and nurturing place to dream, care, be vulnerable, be renewed, grow, share, support, mentor and give back. Where you can give yourself permission to learn, have fun, connect, create personal wellbeing and translate all of this to your family, business and community.

It’s another chapter in our story together; not just in the name but how our shared Foundation – now known as Amaroo Foundation – will serve as the nominated charity of Amaroo Club. Formally the Camp Australia Foundation and Phillips Brothers Foundation, we have aligned the Club and Foundation name and activities for synergy. For over 20 years we have been fortunate to give back to underprivileged children and communities, providing primary school education locally, nationally and internationally. Amaroo Club is designed to be a vehicle to help us continue on this journey, where together we can help those less fortunate.

Please join with us as we all share in the twists and turns of business and in life within ‘a beautiful place’ – Amaroo Club.

Andrew, Anthony and Tim

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For over 20 years, Anthony and Andrew Phillips together with Tim Donohue have been improving education opportunities for underprivileged primary school children throughout Australia and the globe through the Phillips Brothers Foundation – now known as Amaroo Foundation. Amaroo Club is the next chapter of their story.

Anthony Phillips

With an extensive business and education background, Anthony is a mentor, supporter and advisor, who now directs his many talents towards philanthropic and leadership ventures such as Amaroo Foundation and Amaroo Club.

A qualified school teacher, for 20 years Anthony was one of the driving forces behind Camp Australia, a highly successful business created with brother Andrew to bring innovative and professional educational services to thousands of school-aged children Australia-wide. Today, Anthony continues to deliver real, ‘on the ground’ help to developing communities globally through The Phillips Foundation (created with his wife Liz) and Amaroo Foundation.

His other major focus is as a passionate and professional sports coach, applying his proven coaching techniques to enable young people to successfully perform at the highest sporting levels – including the TAC and AFL competitions. He is also the founder of Fit Dads Australia, a community-driven group that aims to keep men connected with each other through health and fitness, creating new positive and leadership networks, and helping mentor the younger generations.

Andrew Phillips

Andrew has always had a passion for improving the lives of others, both in business through Camp Australia forged with his brother Anthony, and in his various philanthropic pursuits including his role in establishing Amaroo Foundation and Amaroo Club.

He is committed to empowering the next generation of leaders and change-makers. This can be seen with his work for Amaroo as well as other initiatives such as Grow Corp, an organisation he  co-founded with wife Beth that aims to assist the growth of people and sustainability of the planet through investment, advisory and action.

Andrew also knows the importance of a healthy body and mind with previous lives as an AFL footballer and personal trainer. This love of fitness and connection still remains strong as a founding member of the Phat Boys, a social group supporting men with their health and wellbeing through exercise and community.

Tim Donohue

Tim loves to see people thrive in business and in life; a philosophy he has shared alongside Anthony and Andrew for over 20 years leading to the creation of Amaroo Club.

A true entrepreneur, Tim is the founder of a range of businesses spanning finance, sport and healthcare, all of which he continues to grow and shape. The longevity of each business comes down to a willingness to adapt and change, and bring people along with him on each journey.

Leading by example is important to Tim, which is why he seeks out opportunities to give back to others through mentoring and advice, and championing initiatives such as Amaroo.

Why be part of Amaroo Club?

Amaroo Club is a place where people and businesses connect, learn from each other, share knowledge and experience, grow and give back. By being part of our Club you're positively impacting the lives of others through supporting the Amaroo Foundation.

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