Why be a part of Amaroo Club?

To be part of Amaroo Club is to be part of something special. Something that’s authentic. That’s been created from a shared life’s journey with all its many twists and turns.

How Amaroo Club works

It’s simple. You make a $500 tax deductible donation to the Amaroo Foundation – the nominated charity of Amaroo Club – and this will recognise you (or your business) as a supporter of the Foundation and part of Amaroo Club. Your involvement in Amaroo directly changes lives as your donation will help fund life-changing projects for underprivileged children and communities throughout the world.

By being part of Amaroo Club
• Your $500 donation is fully tax deductible
• Participate in quarterly events at Club rates
• Connect, learn and share with others
• Explore philanthropy and charitable giving.

Join Amaroo Club

Is my annual membership donation tax deductible?

Yes, your $500 donation is fully tax deductible and goes directly to Amaroo Foundation to support life-changing projects for underprivileged children and communities in Australia and globally.

Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed you will receive a receipt you can use for tax purposes.

How frequently does Amaroo Club come together?

We have a 12 month calendar of events including three key events throughout the year, monthly casual coffee catchups, and the opportunity to participate in Impact trips to visit projects supported by Amaroo Foundation. Members also have access to an online hub on the website providing a directory and profile of all members to foster connections and collaborations.

Do members pay for events?

Our three key events for the year are paid events, with members receiving a discount price. Guests are welcome to attend at the non member price. Our monthly coffee catchups are free to attend and are held at Richmond’s Forward Pocket – a socially responsible cafe – with all purchases going towards supporting the local community and beyond.

What are the benefits of joining Amaroo Club?

As an ‘Amarooian’ you’ll be part of a fun and supportive community where you can connect and collaborate together, share knowledge and experience, grow personally and professionally, have a focus on wellbeing, and explore meaningful ways to give back.

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